Frequently Asked Questions

You may ask yourself...

Who are we?

We are a tech Barcelona-based startup, founded by two entrepreneurs, one is french and the other is mexican. Both passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, they have taken the challenge to empower other entrepreneurs through Pick & Pow, an original marketplace dedicated to organize flash sales on startup’s products. Fortunately, they met each other in Barcelona, an innovative city known for its constant development that makes it a point of referral and inspiration for modern entrepreneurs.

Why Pick & Pow?

With the tech democratisation, the rise of the sharing economy model, and an increasing generation of creative entrepreneurs, the number of innovative startups is booming. Unfortunately, only 41% of startups survive after 5 years of activity, because of the lack of visibility. So, Pick & Pow and its community are here to help them boost their visibility and sales.

What can I find on Pick & Pow?

Pick & Pow introduces a large range of disruptive products and services from young startups, through flash sales. During 15 days, a startup product or service will be displayed with a 20% minimum discount. After these 15 days, if you missed a flash sale, you’ll still have the possibility to enjoy a 10% discount on your favourite startup, by sharing it on a social network. Finally, you will also find Pick & Pow Mag, a digital magazine where you will be able to see entrepreneurship and innovation from a smooth perspective and with a touch of humour

How does a purchase work?

During the 15 days flash sale, you will automatically have access to 10 to 15% discount, whatever happen. If you desire to enjoy a 5 to 10% extra discount, you will have to unlock it, by sharing the startup on your social network. After sharing, a discount coupon will appear to you. By clicking on the pink button “Add to cart”, you will be redirected to your shopping cart page, where you will be able to enter the promo code. Enter the promo code and enjoy your 20% discount !

What happens after the 15 days flash sale campaign?

After the 15 days flash sale campaign, the 20% minimum discount will disappear. Nevertheless, you can still have a 10% discount if you share your favorite campaign on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Google +). On Pick & Pow, there is always a way to get a discount!

Where do you ship?

Each startup displayed on Pick & Pow has its own conditions regarding shipping. You will be able to see those conditions on every product information sheet.

Is the shipping free?

Well, it depends! Indeed, every startup displayed on Pick & Pow has its own conditions regarding shipping. If the shipping is free, you will be informed in the product information sheet. If not, the shipping cost will be indicated in the cart and checkout.

I want to send a product to my girlfriend for a surprise. Is it possible to ship to her address?

What a romantic! At Pick & Pow we are also very romantic, that’s why you will be able to let a shipping address different from your billing infos.

I have received my product and it’s broken, are you kidding me?

Wow, this should never happen! Please send us a quick email at with your order ID. We will get in touch with you in less than 12 hours and fix it straight away!

Why should I share startups on social networks?

To make your friends discover a new product or service and to get an access to the 10% extra discount on them! It’s a win-win situation: you bring startups visibility inside your social networks, they reward you with an extra discount.

I love the Pick & Pow concept, can I help you?

Thanks for your good vibes! You can subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram of course, etc) and share what you found awesome! You can also shoot us an email at to give us feedback (positive as negative) about our platform! Our team will be glad to answer back in less than 12 hours.

I want to create a flash sale campaign for my startup, how can I do?

That’s splendid! Go to this link and you will be able to create a flash sale campaign in 5 minutes!